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There is no need for two or more aggregates on a job when slag is used--- its light weight, durability, attractive color, and many other plus qualities make it a very versatile construction material.

Just when you think that the number of applications for slag usage has been exhausted, some new ones pop-up.  Slag not only mirrors the properties of standard aggregate materials, so it can be used anywhere that stone aggregates are utilized, but it has its own unique properties that allow it to be used in quite a few other areas as well.

For example, the cubic and angular shape of typical slag products can be stacked and banked at steeper angles than other aggregate materials.  This inherent stability and high strength make it the product of choice for railroad beds, or any other type of base that has a fixed area.

It also has a unique and consistent chemistry that makes it a welcome alternative raw material in the manufacturing of Portland cement.  Producers of cement are often astonished at increased clinker production and consistently low alkali cement products. 


Its relatively light weight, and high strength, enhance the performance of concrete when added to mix designs.  The wide array of PennDOT approved product gradations available at Beaver Valley Slag permit you to optimize and consistently maintain performance.   Slag’s high porosity gives more surface area for Portland cement to bond to, which accounts for the fact that slag-based concretes have upwards of 10% higher compression strengths than concrete manufactured with conventional aggregates.

The high permeability of a compacted slag surface, make it an ideal material for base or backfill applications where drainage is an issue. 

Slag has established itself over many years over many other different applications.  Call Beaver Valley Slag today to explore your materials’ requirements, and to see the benefits of putting our slag products to good use!

More Information:
Slags have been used for many years in applications where it comes into intimate contact with soil and ground water.  Beaver Valley Slag has consistently demonstrated that they pose no risk to the environment.  The EPA's most stringent test procedure, the standard TCLP test (measures the concentrations of heavy metals released from the slag while in an acid solution), is used to rigorously document this fact.  Beaver Valley Slag has never failed any TCLP test with its slag products!

Click here to view a TCLP Analysis for Beaver Valley Slag (Adobe Acrobat® Format)



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